Who Pays for the Bachelorette Party According to Bachelorette Etiquette?

Before a lady gets married, she invites her female friends to a bachelorette party. This is the last party that the bride-to-be spends in the status of a single woman. Girls drink cocktails, eat cakes and gossip freely, knowing that men won’t hear them. 

Also, they can travel to other cities or even countries with spa hotels and luxurious celebrations.

But the question is how to cover the expenses on all pre-wedding fun. Is it a bride-to-be who pays for everything or a maid of honor maybe?

Let’s find out who pays for the bachelorette party in the article below.

Who Should Pay For The Bachelorette Party?

Let’s be honest, there is no strict bachelorette party etiquette that would regulate this aspect. If the bride wants, she can cover all the expenses. If she can’t afford it or the maids want to take this pleasant responsibility, they have a right to do so. 

Below, let’s have a look at the typical distribution of bachelorette party expenses.

The maid of honor is the person who throws the bachelorette party. Yet it doesn’t mean that she needs to pay for everything out of her pocket! According to modern bachelorette etiquette, all parties involved can (and should!) openly discuss their financial opportunities. 

  • The bride-to-be has a right to ask whether her friends can afford such expenses.
  • If the bachelorette party budget seems exorbitant, both the bride-to-be and her friends can try to offer more budget-friendly alternatives.
  • If the costs seem affordable for everyone except 1-2 people, these people should contribute as much as they can. Also, they might help the maid of honor with some organizational duties.

However, there is one thing that a maid should avoid doing. She should never say something like “I can’t afford to pay a lot but I want to have a posh party! I don’t want cheap alternatives! Maybe, someone could pay for me?”. That would go against the rules of etiquette for a bachelorette party.

To plan the program and the budget of the party, the maid of honor should conduct a poll. All the maids should express their opinions on the following aspects of the upcoming event.

  • Dates
  • Duration
  • Itinerary
  • Budget
  • Types of entertainment

First, it makes sense to put down all the ideas. Then, the maid of honor should narrow down the search. She should cross out those ideas that cost too much, aren’t available at the moment and that not everyone seems to like. 

Then, she should estimate the costs:

  • Visit the websites of the organizations that provide the services required for the party
  • Check the official prices of these venues and providers
  • Get in touch with these venues and providers and ask whether they could offer her a discount
  • Put down all the information in an Excel sheet or some other well-structured document
  • Discuss the options with the bride-to-be and the other maids

The maid of honor might ask the other maids to help her. For instance, one lady can check the prices for hotel rooms, the other one for hairdresser services and so on. But this might lead to a mess. 

Usually, the maid of honor should be in charge of all the aspects alone. This would be the most efficient way of organizing things. Plus, it would be more convenient for the bride-to-be to stay in touch with the maid of honor and discuss everything with her alone.

Which part of the bachelorette party cost is covered by bridesmaids?

The maids cover the most bachelorette party expenses: meals, drinks, shows, decoration, the work of all the staff and so on. The very idea of this event is genuinely simple. The maids are very happy for the bride-to-be — but they don’t want to let her go! They will miss her and they want to express their gratitude for her.

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The bride-to-be should save the best memories of the times when she was single. Later on, when she thinks of her bachelorette, she might want to call her friends and arrange a meeting once again. She will not completely forget them simply because she has a family now. This is the concept behind the bachelorette party — and the reason why the maids normally pay for everything.

maids of honor posing with bride-to-be

Here are some insightful statistics of a bachelorette party budget for a 3-day weekend by city. Your expenses might differ depending on your location.

  • Flight — $350
  • Accommodation (if two people share one room) — $415
  • Meals — $330
  • Show ticket — $90
  • Cocktails — $200
  • Beers — $120

On average, one person would consume 5 cocktails and 5 beers during the party. In total, you should be ready to spend around $1,300. If you aim to cut down the budget, you should be able to throw a decent party for approximately $550. 

These are the types of entertainment that the maids typically book for the event:

  • Karaoke
  • Spa party
  • Boozy brunch
  • Tea party
  • Wine tasting
  • Pole dance classes
  • Art classes
  • Sailing

Also, there should be gifts. According to the bachelorette party etiquette, the bride-to-be has a right to ask for a particular gift. If it is expensive enough, the maids can share the expenses. But they would need to purchase gifts for the wedding ceremony too. Probably, it would make sense to leave the largest gifts until the wedding, right?

For the wedding, maids can buy useful and long-lasting gifts — such as kitchen alliances or small furniture. But for a bachelorette, they should choose more emotional items, such as books, teddy bears, framed photos and so on.

These items should remind the bride-to-be about the gorgeous times that she spent together with her friends when she was still not married. Such things cost very little — so probably, each maid will be able to pay for them out of her pocket. Handmade gifts would be an ideal choice.

What is paid by the bride-to-be?

As usual, the bride-to-be hardly needs to pay for anything. However, she might want to cover some extra expenses for her friends who attend her bachelorette party. These are a few examples.

  • The maids booked a 1-hour pole dance class. But suddenly, the bride-to-be wants to prolong it and books the second hour.
  • The bride can organize safe transportation for all her guests. Someone might want to leave earlier than expected or the party might last longer than it was planned initially.
  • Tips for waiters, bartenders and all the other staff.

The bride-to-be should have cash in her purse just in case someone doesn’t accept bank cards.

costumed bachelorette party

Plus, the bride-to-be might ask her guests to put down all the extra costs that they had to cover from their own pockets. Once the party is over, they should send their lists to the bride-to-be and she would pay for their expenses. Alternatively, the maid of honor can do the same. 

Destination bachelorette party etiquette: who pays for travel?

If the party takes place outside the bride’s-to-be hometown, she is expected to pay for her transportation and accommodation herself. But once she arrives, she doesn’t need to pay for anything.

If the bride-to-be stays in a hotel, she pays for the room but not the other services that she might use there, such as:

  • Spa
  • Hairdresser
  • Make-up artist

All the maids cover their travel expenses themselves. By the way, they don’t need to stay in the same hotel. If the choice of rooms is limited or some maids would like to cut down costs, they can rely on Airbnb.


Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you know that it can be bride-to-be, maid of honor or bridesmaids who pay for the bachelorette party. When planning yours, make sure to discuss the upcoming expenses with your friends in every detail. If you decide to share the costs, fix your agreements in written form. And if your friends decide to take all the expenses, just let them do it and enjoy!


What Can I Do With My Wedding Dress? 20 Inspiring Ideas For Wedding Gowns

How long did it take you to choose your wedding dress? Many brides-to-be spend weeks or even months hunting for the most beautiful gown. 

When you spend so much time and effort on searching, you cannot just bin it.

What can I do with my wedding dress, that is the question…

In the article below, ladies who have just celebrated their wedding will find smart tips on what to do with their gowns.

20 Creative Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress

1. Repurpose

girl in upcycled wedding dress

Ladies might not need to remake wedding dresses to wear them on their birthdays, anniversaries or gala ceremonies. Just don’t copy the makeup and the hairdo that you were wearing at your wedding. Select different shoes and accessories. Most wedding dresses look very different from casual clothes. This means they won’t go out of fashion by the end of the season and will remain cool for many years.

2. Sell

If you sell your wedding dress after the wedding, you shouldn’t expect to get more than 50% of its price. But anyway, you will get some free cash, which is always good news.

3. Loan

You can make a private announcement in a social network group where people rent out their post-wedding dresses. Or you might find a company that would find clients who would love to rent your after-wedding dress for one day. If you live in a big city, it shouldn’t be a problem to find new temporary owners for your gown. Residents of small towns and villages might prefer to rely on their private network of contacts.

4. Preserve

If you ask your grandma “What can I do with my wedding dress?”, she would probably say that you should keep it as a family treasure. When you have kids, they might be curious to see the dress with their own eyes, touch and smell it. For them, that would be a moment of true magic.

5. Recycle

That should make you feel happy and fulfilled. Taking care of the environment is a great and noble idea. Also, this should be an optimal solution for those who can’t imagine anyone else wearing their clothes. More and more people today realize the importance of a shared economy. But if you are not ready yet to share your wedding dress with someone else, then, recycle it!

6. Dye

Dying clothes at home is fun! It takes minimum effort and hardly requires any experience. If your dress is snow-white, you should be able to get exactly the same color that you expect. If it is beige, or with a Champagne shimmer, or bluish, please consult your dye vendor about the potential result.

7. Donate

Look for charities in your area. Some of them might specialize in weddings and help brides from less privileged families. Others would accept almost any clothes that you donate.

8. Trash

woman in wedding dress lying in water

That’s probably the wildest idea in our list of things to do with a wedding dress! If you wish, you can literally throw balls filled with paint on your dress, draw on it or pour wine on it. Otherwise, you can do the following things.

  • Take a bath in your wedding dress
  • Wear it for a picnic in the woods 
  • Stroll in it along a sunny beach
  • Play table tennis

The weirder the location and the type of activity, the better! The photos and videos that you make will be mind-boggling.

9. Turn it into a cocktail dress

To repurpose a wedding dress into a cocktail dress, it might be enough just to make it a bit shorter. If the top half of the dress looks minimalistic, you can decorate it with embroidery. If, on the contrary, there are many decorative items on it, pair it with a simple clutch and solid color shoes.

10. Give it to the theatre

If there is a theatre nearby, you can call them. If there are no theaters in your area, it hardly makes sense to send after-wedding dresses by mail because you would need to pay for it. But what if you find a school or amateur theatre close to you?

11. Save for anniversary

This is one of the most predictable answers to the question “What can I do with my wedding dress?”. 365 days after your wedding ceremony, you will put on the gown once again and throw a splendid party.

12. Throw a wedding dress party

Let your friends have a rest after your big day and then, invite them for a themed party! Such an event format will give you immense creative freedom. You can choose from the following options.

  • Make a funny party or a romantic one
  • Invite only ladies or gentlemen as well
  • Organize the event at home or in a rented venue

For those friends of yours who have already tied the knot, that would be a perfect chance to wear their dresses after the wedding. Those who are still single can ask their relatives to lend them a dress after the wedding.

13. Organize a post-wedding photoshoot

Of course, you took tons of photos on your big day. But you can never get enough, right? You might want to book another photographer to get pictures of a completely different style and mood. You might choose another location and invite people who were absent from your ceremony. Feel free to organize a post-wedding dress photoshoot a couple of weeks or even months after the wedding.

14. Make up a party costume for kids

If you have a daughter or niece, make up a princess dress for her. Youngsters will adore such an idea for wedding dresses after the wedding. Party animals go bananas over trendy gowns with lace and pearls!

15. Use it for a newborn photoshoot

pregnant woman holding lace crown

When your baby gets born, you can wear your gown for their first-ever photo session. Stoop over your son’s or daughter’s cradle, take them in your arms and smile!

16. Sew a prom dress

Your cousins, nieces and other relatives would be extremely grateful! Or, if you are planning to go on with your studies, just keep the gown for yourself.

17. Make DIY home decor

Here are just a few examples of nice items that you can do using the fabrics of your after ceremony wedding dress:

  • Pillows 
  • Curtains
  • Tablecloths
  • Napkins
  • Table runners 
  • Christmas ornament 
  • Christmas tree skirt

The more lush and layered the hem of the dress, the more items you will be able to create.

18. Creаte accessories

If you are good at crafts, consider the following uses for old wedding gowns:

  • Scarf
  • Clutch
  • Necklace
  • Gloves

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of step-by-step manuals on how to make all these lovely things.

19. Redo for kids

mother and baby dressed in white

Most likely, your wedding dress was made of high-quality fabric that looks equally stunning up close, in photos and on stage. If your small ones dance, sing or act in a theatre, you can create top-notch scenic suites or tutu skirts for them. Plus, you can redo a wedding dress for a kids’ party to make your daughter look like a princess.

20. Make Christening outfits

If your family is Christian, you might reuse wedding dress for the following purposes:

  • First Communion dress
  • Christening gown

No matter which variant you prefer, your handmade items will look sweet and delicate.


Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you know what to do with your wedding dress. The only thing that you should definitely avoid doing with your gown is throwing it away.

You can repurpose a wedding dress or keep it as a part of your family archive. You can sell it, loan it or donate it to charity. You can organize a party where all the guests wear after the wedding dresses or simply trash the gown. This clothes item can bring you tons of positive emotions long after the wedding ceremony is over!


10 Tips About Wedding Food Tasting You Need to Know

A delicious feast is an essential prerequisite of any wedding. To make sure that your wedding menu is awesome, you will need to try the dishes beforehand. This will enable you to order only the best meals for your ceremony and make your guests happy. Actually there is a special part of preparation called wedding food tasting. Let’s have a closer look at it!

What is wedding tasting?

Wedding food tasting is a small private event where the couple can taste the meals and drinks for their wedding feast. The wedding catering lets them sample all its menu. The couple decides which appetizers, main courses, drinks they would like to order for their big day. 

Here are six reasons that should showcase the importance of tasting for you.

1. You need to make sure that the food is tasty

Even if you order meals in your favorite restaurant or hotel, they might taste different from what you expect. Here are a few potential reasons for it.

  • Another chef is responsible for catering tasting
  • The venue has changed its suppliers
  • The wedding tastings menu might be different from the everyday one

Probably, you don’t have meals in this venue every day. When was the last time you tried its signature entree and its famous creme brulee? If that was a year ago, you might simply fail to remember their taste. Our perception of taste might change considerably over time, so it would be wise to double-check.

2. The food needs to look stunning

When you serve the same meal on a big plate and then in a small portion, it might look very different. It might have an amazing taste in both cases. But you want your wedding meals to be highly Instagrammable, right? Every single canape, sandwich and slice of the cake should look like small pieces of art.

elegant seafood canapes

3. Narrow down your choice

You might want to order all its menu for your wedding tasting to satisfy your guests. But that might be too much. Order just enough to keep your guests happy. Try to avoid a situation when you need to throw away appetizing specialties. Plus, such an approach will help you to optimize your expenses. 

4. Get to know the opinions of your friends and relatives

According to the wedding food tasting etiquette, you can bring your closest people with you to listen to their opinions. Learn more about their tastes and allergies before food tasting as your bridesmaid might be allergic to garlic and your best friend might be a fan of gin. Use this opportunity if you want to make your big day truly unforgettable for everyone.

5. Decide which drinks match the menu

During your food tasting for the wedding, you will be able to try not only meals but wines and cocktails too. The sommeliers and mixologists of the venue can share smart tips with you. But you should make final decisions only after you taste everything yourself.

6. Enjoy your food tasting!

You will have great fun and you will be able to savor your favorite meals once again. You and your partner can consider it as a themed romantic date.

What to expect from wedding food tasting?

seafood dish on platter

Catering tasting policies differ from one venue to another. Typically, you should be able to choose from two options.

  • You sign the contract with the service provider, you transfer funds to them — and you receive your tasting at no cost.
  • You need to pay the full price of the tasting in advance. Only if you like it, you will sign the contract with the tastings caterer and it will take care of your wedding.

For reasons that were described above, you might prefer the second option. 

Book the date and time of the tasting and make sure you arrive hungry. Ask in advance how many meals you will need to taste and how large the portions will be. Even if the food seems excellent, try to control your appetite and eat just a small bite of any meal. Don’t worry: by the end of the tasting, you’ll be full anyway!

Ask the provider to give you printed materials or send the information to your email. You need to know the ingredients of all meals and the sizes of the portions as they will be served at your wedding. 

If you or some of your guests have allergies, ask about alternative meals and ingredients during the tasting. Also, ask whether some meals are seasonal and might be unavailable by the date of your ceremony.

Wedding food tasting etiquette: 10 useful tips to prepare for tasting

fruit salad on skewers

The tips below will enable you to make the most of your tasting.

1. Try to prepare yourself for the tasting

Think in advance which menu items seem the most appealing for you and make a list. During the tasting, make notes in your notebook — this will help you to remember whether the meals justified your expectations or not. Discuss with your partner at home which type of food you would like to focus on. 

2. Stay focused on your meals

Don’t let your partner or your caterer distract you from food! Don’t be afraid to seem impolite and please take photos of all the meals and drinks. 

Also, take notes. For such an occasion, you might want to bring a paper notebook and a couple of pens with you. It might be easier for you to put down your impressions in a well-structured format on paper. Typing text on your smartphone is not always convenient and it disconnects you from the surrounding people more than writing.

3. Avoid inviting too many people with you

According to the wedding tasting etiquette, you can invite friends and relatives with you. Yet it doesn’t mean that you should ask your whole family to join! Many caterers offer tastings for 4 people. You and your partner might want to invite one person each. If you think you might want to bring more guests, discuss it with the caterer in advance.

 4. Ask as many questions as you can

The caterer won’t leave you alone during the tasting. At any moment, you should be able to ask the manager, the chef or the waiter about the menu. If you get exhaustive and comprehensive answers promptly, that’s a good sign. It emphasizes the professionalism of the caterer and proves their reliability.

5. Listen to the caterer’s advice

Relying on their extensive experience, the caterer can share many useful insights with you. For instance, you might rate a certain meal as “good but nothing out of the ordinary”. The caterer might tell you that at 90% of wedding parties, the guests go crazy over this one. Also, they can tell you which meals you should eat as quickly as possible and which ones can remain tasty and good-looking for many hours.

wedding tasting buffet

6. Try to be polite and reserved when criticizing meals

Caterers go to great lengths to create top-notch tasting menus. They try to stay head and shoulders above their rivals and they strive to produce a favorable impression on their clients. If you criticize them too severely, they might take it too close to heart. The chef, the waiters, the bartenders — all the team can be very sensitive to their clients’ opinions. So please stick to the catering tasting etiquette.

7. Provide honest feedback

However, you shouldn’t flatter the caterer just to please them. If you don’t like a certain meal, try to explain why it doesn’t seem appetizing to you. Maybe, your criticism will convince the caterer to improve their recipe. Or at least, they will understand why you don’t want to order that very item that everyone else adores so much.

The trickiest part would be to tell the caterer that you didn’t like their menu at all. In this case, the best way out would be to thank them for their hospitality and leave the venue without signing the contract. Tell the caterer that you need to think for a couple of days. Send them an email, apologize and thank them once again.

8. Avoid drinking too much

This might be a challenging task because you will need to try many drinks. If you get tipsy too quickly, you might postpone the drinks until the very end of your tasting. Otherwise, you can ask your partner to take care of the drinks tasting while you concentrate on food.

9. Tip the waiter who served you and personally thank the chef

Most likely, you will be enjoying the emotional atmosphere of your tasting just as much as the food. When you express your gratitude to the staff, that will become a nice cherry on top. 

10. Don’t plan anything after the tasting

Usually, the tasting lasts a couple of hours. But what if you are late? What if there is an emergency in the venue? What if you want to ask a lot of questions to the caterer? If possible, you should avoid making appointments for the rest of the day.


Take food tasting seriously and make sure you have enough time for it. Thanks to it, you will know what to expect from the feast on your big day. You will know that every single meal will be delicious and all the drinks will match it perfectly.